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Corporate Governance

Our board of directors (the “Board”) has ultimate authority over our business, but delegates authority to our investment adviser who actively sources, manages, and monitors our investment portfolio and other business activities, subject to the supervision of the Board. As a BDC, a majority of our Board consists of directors who are not “interested persons” of the Company, of our investment adviser or any of their respective affiliates, as defined in the 1940 Act.

All interested parties may communicate with any member of our Board, the chairman of any of our Board committees or with our non-management directors as a group by mail addressed to the applicable directors or director group, in the care of the Chief Compliance Officer, Anton Brett, Sixth Street Specialty Lending, Inc., 888 7th Avenue, 41st Floor, New York, NY 10106, or by email at Such communications should specify the intended recipient or recipients. All such communications, other than unsolicited commercial solicitations, will be forwarded to the appropriate director, or directors, for review. Complaints or concerns related to financial statement disclosures, accounting, internal accounting controls or auditing matters may be reported to the Board by using either of the addresses above.

Detailed biographies of our Board may be accessed below.